Scotland first again, banning use of wild animals in travelling circuses


(c) AFP

Not to be confused with those ethnic nationalists, Britain First, who want to put Britain first on every issue regardless, this is another case of the Scottish Government humanely putting others first as in the ban on smoking in public places, minimum pricing of alcohol, compensating for the bedroom tax, action against sanitary poverty in schools and colleges, free care for the disabled, licensing air weapons, housing first for the homeless and several other initiatives that suggest they are attempting to ‘work as if they are living in the early days of a better nation’ (Dennis Leigh via Alasdair Gray, 1984).

According to the Independent today:

‘Scotland has banned the use of wild animals in circuses, becoming the first of the UK’s nations to do so. Under new legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament, travelling circuses that use wild animals will be banned from entering the country. The new measure is likely to place fresh pressure on UK Government to follow suit. Animal rights campaigners welcomed the ban, saying it would help stop animal suffering.’

No doubt some of the abovementioned actions will seem like ‘nanny statism’ to some and I do remember, in the 60s and 70s, people making such a comment against the governments of the day and their major institutions like the NHS as they were perceived to be interfering in individual choice too much. However, having tasted the ‘freedoms’ given back and gleefully grabbed by the corporations, by the neo-liberal governments of the 80s and after, take me back to those optimistic, less-unequal, unionised, protected and regulated days of the 70s.

Good will to all livingkind.


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