SNP act to maintain Scotland’s competitive advantage in GP staffing and satisfaction


Picture: Getty Images

The Scottish Government has put in place several actions which it is expected will increase the number of GPs in Scotland by at least 800 over the next ten years. The actions include:

  • Funding of £100 million next year to support implementation of the new proposed GP contract, agreed jointly with the British Medical Association (BMA), which will be voted on by GPs across the country in the coming weeks
  • Continued professional development and mentoring support for GPs in their first five years of their career and coaching sessions to encourage and support GPs towards the end of their careers
  • A new staying in practice scheme for those near the end of their career considering leaving general practice early
  • Running an intensive recruitment campaign to boost the number of GPs who wish to work in Scotland
  • Continuing to provide bursaries for a number of GP training places in specific areas to make it a more attractive proposition

Regular readers will already know Scotland has more GPs per head of population than any other part of the UK, that research in 2015 revealed them to feel less stressed or over-worked than those in other parts and that the new contract being offered to them in considered by the BMA to be superior to that being offered in England and Wales. See these for detail:

Already the best staffed and least stressed in the UK, Scottish GPs to get better contracts

New Scottish GP contract rated far superior, by BMA, to English equivalent as Scottish GP numbers hold steady and NHS England loses 1 000 in one year!



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