Scotland exceeds IVF treatment waiting time target by 10% while only 12% of English health boards even offer the full service at all

Screenshot-2017-12-2 2017-11-28-IVF-Summary pdf

In Scotland, 100% of patients were screened for IVF treatment within 365 days. The 90% target has continued to be met since reporting started two years ago.

In England, only 12% of boards actually offer the national best practice guidance level of three full cycles, at all. The Campaign group, Fertility Fairness, has criticised boards for arbitrary cuts and the creation of a ‘postcode lottery’ in England. In sharp contrast IVF access is nationally standardised in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Do the DUP know about this? I feel sure IVF is not in the Old Testament. The Scottish system has been described as the ‘gold standard’ with three full cycles and commenced often well within target time limits.

In England, according to Fertility Fairness, more than 80 per cent of CCGs fail to commission the recommended three full cycles of IVF in line with official guidelines. 125 of them fund one cycle of treatment. 46 of them fund two cycles of treatment and only 34 of them fund three cycles. Four of them do not fund any treatment whatsoever.

Eleanor Bradford would have loved this story.


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