48% increase in spending by North Americans visiting Scotland


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There was a 38% increase in the number of north American visitors visiting Scotland in the 12 months to end of June 2017 and they spent £732 million compared to £495 million in the previous 12 months.


While many commentators identify the weak pound as the key factor, I feel sure the quality of the experience, the Outlander effect and the relative safety from terror attacks they perceive as becoming more common further south in London and in Europe are important factors too. I’ve reported evidence of these already in:

Tourism spending in Scotland surges ahead of UK figure

‘Outlander links see visitors to historic sites soaring’

North Americans lead surge in Scottish tourism because they feel safer here

There was an 11% increase from all countries in the same period with spending rising by 19% to a whopping £2 billion. Back in May, I reflected on reasons why Scotland has not experienced terror attacks since the Glasgow Airport case:

Scotland and Terrorism: Are we safer?


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