Scots employees have higher digital skills than in most parts of the UK only 5 years after Scottish Government launched its digital strategy


Back in 2011, the Scottish Government set out a strategy to secure Scotland’s digital future. You can see the planned actions here:

Research undertaken by Barclays, reported yesterday, says Scotland: ranks above the UK average in five out of six of the digital skills categories – with 60% of Scots having above-basic skills.’

Crucially, the report suggests that Scots employees are now meeting the digital skills required by employers with demand running at 59% and the skill level at 60%.

The research reported in Insider magazine further points out that: unlike in Scotland, digital skills across the UK are not keeping pace with demand. The Barclays index found that 63 per cent of UK jobs require digital skills such as word-processing, database spreadsheet or social media management skills, but only 57 per cent of the workforce has these capabilities.’

Also in the Insider report, the Scottish Government strategy, though not credited directly, seems to have played a major part in this:

‘Jamie Grant, head of corporate banking in Scotland for Barclays, said the results reflect efforts north of the Border to tackle the digital skills gap. In recent year, we’ve seen a movement across Scotland [Government strategy 2011?] to tackle digital exclusion and with improved digital skills returning a range of social, cultural and economic benefits it is clear why it is of such importance.’

Overall, Scotland came in 4th after London, Northern Ireland and North-West England.


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