Massive rise in visitors to historic sites in Dumfries & Galloway



Often bypassed by tourists heading to Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands, Dumfries & Galloway is experiencing a boom in visitor numbers to its historic sites and the surrounding towns will be benefiting too. The huge increase of 41% is just between April and July 2017 and presumably the same period last year.

As you know, more widely Scotland has been experiencing a massive boom in tourism due to a combination of factors including the weak pound, remoteness from incidents where there have been terrorist attacks and of course the actual appeal of the sites being increased by cultural phenomena like the TV series Outlander.

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Some of the main attractions are Caerlaverock Castle, Cardoness Castle and New Abbey Corn Mill. Historic Environment Scotland (HES) has 37 properties in the region and had nearly 43 000 visitors in the first four months of the financial year.

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