Most Scottish tenants satisfied with Social landlords


As I understand it ‘social’ landlords are essentially housing associations or co-operatives but not local councils and of course, not private landlords, so you might expect them to have reasonable standards based on their values. The Scottish Housing Regulator states:

‘Overall, Scotland’s social landlords are continuing to perform well. They’ve improved or maintained performance against almost all of the Social Housing Charter standards. This is good news for tenants, particularly given last year’s strong performance from landlords. On-the-whole, most tenants are satisfied with their landlord’s performance. Performance varies underneath the national picture and some landlords have more work to do than others to improve.’

This suggests we can be reasonably pleased if not complacent. You’ll know if you you’ve read previous reports here that new affordable housebuilding for social landlords is growing quite fast in Scotland compared to that in England.

There are 610 000 tenants and 193 social landlords in Scotland so that accounts for quite a large proportion of Scotland’s population feeling reasonably satisfied with their accommodation.

Footnote: There are only about 3.5 million people in England living in housing association homes. That’s only six times as many yet the overall population is ten times greater. Presumably this means a higher proportion of English tenants are at the often not-so-tender mercies of private landlords?


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