October oil prices rise to $52.17 per barrel


(c) samaa.tv

As US crude stockpiles fall, the value of North Sea oil remains well within the range where the oil majors are making big profits and should be further increasing the revenue from the Scottish fields. Even in the discredited GERS figures oil revenues were up though it’s clear they should have been much higher:

Re-post: A ploy to undermine the case for Scottish independence as Oil companies making more at $50 per barrel than they did at £100 per barrel yet the UK Government is not taxing them.

Why were tens of billions in oil revenues lost by UK government? Would they have made Scotland seem too wealthy in September 2014?

Today’s report in Energy Voice further reinforces confidence in the market for Scotland’s oil as all the signs point to shortages and price rises of quite dramatic nature by 2020.

Independent Scotland’s oil wealth is assured as Aramco chief predicts huge shortages

Will Scotland’s oil hit $100 (or more?) a barrel again after 2020?

We have to hope we’ve begun the process of claiming the revenues for Scotland by then.


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