Making the most of Scotland’s Forth Crossing Trilogy



Isn’t that simply stunning? Is there a sight like that anywhere else? There certainly isn’t in the UK. There’s no individual credit for the shot but well done to the photographer.

In a piece by the Scottish Business News Network, we hear that Visit Scotland has put together a ‘free industry toolkit’ to help businesses take advantage of the new crossing. Here’s an extract that makes the main points:

‘Ahead of next week’s official opening of the world’s longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge, VisitScotland has created a free industry toolkit to help accommodation providers, tour companies and visitor attractions use the Queensferry Crossing in their marketing. As well as a selection of stunning images and footage, the toolkit includes content for social media posts and newsletters and factsheets.’

There will also be a blog with advice to photographers on how to capture the best views for their businesses’ advertising literature. Of course, it’s not just the new bridge but this unique trilogy of bridges that will make the views stunning and seductive for tourists across the globe.

According to Visit Scotland: ‘Scotland becomes the world’s first destination to have three bridges spanning three centuries in one stunning location.’

I’ll have to take their word for that. Anyone know otherwise? Newcastle has five I think but they’re much less impressive.


2 thoughts on “Making the most of Scotland’s Forth Crossing Trilogy

  1. William Henderson August 24, 2017 / 4:46 pm

    Hello John,

    I drove over the Forth this morning and can confirm that the new bridge is almost ready for use. The gantries are warning of the opening in the middle of next week and of the crowds who are likely to be around before and at the official opening time and the two-day ‘walk-over’ event on 2/3 September.

    The photo is excellent and the reality is well up to the same standard.

    Hoping for really good weather for the celebrations.



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