‘Soaring [Scottish] whisky and salmon sales help UK exports hit record high’


From a piece in Insider yesterday:

‘Strong demand for whisky, salmon and beer has lifted UK exports by 8.5 per cent to a record high of £10.2bn in the first half of the year.’

Also, [UK] Food Minister George Eustice said:

‘These encouraging figures show that the UK’s high-quality foods and high standards are sought after around the world.’

There was no mention, of the enormous and disproportionate role that Scottish food and drink plays in all this success. See:

With only 8% of the population, Scotland accounts for more than 28% of UK food and drink exports. Too wee to survive on our own?

Scottish Government awards 13 firms £3.5m in new grants to maintain push for growth in food and drink sales

As Scotland massively increases its number of breweries and distilleries, food and drink start-ups here have had a higher survival rate and have grown at a faster rate than in the rest of the UK

Once more, the evidence for full autonomy shouts out loud.


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