As Scottish unemployment falls, GlaxoSmithKline opens new £44m facility keeping 450 jobs in Montrose


From the site this good news for employment in the town and surrounding areas and presumably our balance of trade too:

‘First Minister Nicola Sturgeon welcomed GSK’s (GlaxoSmithKline) commitment to Montrose as she opened their new £44 million aluminium salts facility. The site produces ingredients for vaccines for illnesses including tetanus, pneumonia and whooping cough.’

So, this looks a strong commitment to the workforce in the town which, without having the facts, I’d have thought needed the jobs. GSK Montrose employ 450, these will be kept plus 15 and with a further 150 contractors needed for the build. Montrose was chosen for the investment, according to GSK, because:

‘We have the right mix of people and skills. We know Scotland is a good place to conduct research, development and manufacturing, and we’re pleased the Scottish Life Sciences Strategy demonstrates a shared commitment between the industry and Scottish Government to ensuring Scotland remains a great place to work in life sciences. Scottish Enterprise has worked closely with GSK for a number of years, helping them to secure a skilled workforce capable of harnessing the newest technologies to research, develop and manufacture innovative medicines. This expansion is testament to the strength of Scotland’s life sciences sector and to the confidence international companies have in the skill and value of the Scottish workforce, and we look forward to continuing to work with GSK to support its growth in Scotland.’

The plant will produce sterile aluminium salts which had previously to be imported.

So, once more, it looks like the Scottish Government through Scottish Enterprise is doing its job in helping to protect and grow employment opportunities as it has done in other places recently. See these few recent examples from many:

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