£5 million Scottish Government investment helps Peterhead Port win major offshore wind contract


© Peterhead Port Authority

See this from the Scottish Business News Network:

‘Peterhead Port Authority is set to support the start of offshore construction work for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) after signing an agreement to harbour the game-changing suction bucket jacket foundations for the 11-turbine scheme. The contract will see the port moor one of the world’s largest floating cranes, with a maximum lifting capacity of 5,000 tonnes, and up to six barges that will transport the 11 foundations – the heaviest of which weighs around 1,800 tonnes and is about 77 metres high.’

You have to read down a fair bit to find out that being able to accommodate this kind of work is at least in part due to a recent £5 million Scottish government investment in modernising the port. This wasn’t in the headline but is just another example of the role the Scottish Government is playing in all this economic growth. See for example:

Scotland’s oil and gas expertise earned £11.4 billion in 2015/2016 supported by Scottish Government investment

As Scottish Oil and Gas moves into a third wave of prosperity, Scottish Government funding for innovation is increased

SNP Government takes the initiative to further enhance the competiveness of a recovering but still fragile oil industry

Credit where credit is due but probably not in our mainstream media?



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