£530 million boost for Scottish economy from Beatrice offshore windfarm


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See this from Scottish Government Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, Paul Wheelhouse:

‘The project is set to inject £530 million into the Scottish economy, and its benefits will be felt for a long time – for our communities, economy and environment. It’s becoming increasingly clear that offshore wind is integral to the Scotland’s sustainable energy future – as well as helping us to achieve our ambitious climate change targets.’

I’m losing track of the good news about Scotland’s renewable energy projects which seem set to make us 100% self-sufficient by 2030 wondering what we can do with much of the oil and gas. I know, sell it and further widen our trade surplus gap.

See also these:

As Scotland heads for 100% renewables energy production by 2030, the SNP Scottish Government invests another £43m for low-carbon infrastructure projects to help make it happen.


Scotland’s renewables trend is too strong to be held back by political barriers and challenging market conditions suggesting 100% renewables by 2030 is a real possibility.


By 2030 when Scotland should be able to power all its homes and industry with renewables energy, all of the fossil-fuel job losses could be replaced there.


Put all of this with the massive increase on food and drink exports and the general economic growth figures and the forthcoming GERS authors must be under hellish pressure to make us look poor.







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