Scotland’s renewables trend is too strong to be held back by political barriers and challenging market conditions suggesting 100% renewables by 2030 is a real possibility.

The Scottish Government target for 2030 is only just over 50% renewables energy production but a business survey reported already and expert business opinion suggest a more optimistic target. I agree after reporting recently on a number of massive projects already underway such as:

Re-opened Scottish dock to build state-of-the-art floating windfarm to begin to exploit Scotland’s 25% share of all of Europe’s offshore wind potential


A report by law firm Burness Paul suggests confidence they can raise funds even in these challenging times having already secured more than £200 million from banks for renewables projects including the recently commissioned 69MW Corriegarth Wind Farm in the Highlands. As described in Energy Voice, they’re confident the market will continue to: ‘grow, develop and innovate as industry and Government grapple with the challenges of the energy ‘trilemma’ – reducing energy costs, ensuring security of supply and tackling carbon emissions.’


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