As Scotland heads for 100% renewables energy production by 2030, the SNP Scottish Government invests another £43m for low-carbon infrastructure projects to help make it happen.


Though the official target is just over 50% by 2030 all the signs reported in previous pieces today suggest this is a modest target and that 100% renewables energy production in Scotland is feasible by 2030. See:

Scotland’s energy 100% renewable by 2030?

The Scottish Government is clearly right behind this trend and is to invest a further £43 million matched by another minimum £43 million from the private sector to projects such as:

‘an innovative local energy system on Fair Isle, an energy storage project in Shetland, low-carbon heat networks in Dundee, Stirling, Clydebank and Glenrothes and the installation of a heat pump on the River Clyde to serve the Gorbals area.’


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