SNP Government takes the initiative to further enhance the competiveness of a recovering but still fragile oil industry

‘In total, over the past four decades, corporate taxes from the UKCS have contributed over £300bn to the UK Treasury (in today’s money).’

The above is from: Financial Scrutiny Unit Briefing Scottish North Sea oil and gas industry’. Boy do they owe us! Keeping the above in mind, the SNP government is asking the UK government to make changes to the tax regime for North Sea Oil with a view to nurturing the Third Wave Resurgence already visible. See:

North Sea oil and gas is on the crest of a ‘Third Wave’ and the SNP Government is already supporting plans for it

The UK government seems to have the massive funds required to protect the banks despite their culpability in nearly destroying the UK economy. It has probably done a deal to protect Nissan’s care sales to Europe too. Surely it can find ways of protecting the oil and gas industry for additional costs post-Brexit?


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