Once more Scottish energy expertise can be highly significant



I’ve already reported on the added value of the expertise and innovation being developed in Scotland as a by-product of our long involvement in oil and gas and re-newable energy generation. See:


Scotland’s expertise in oil extraction leads to opportunities far beyond the North Sea


Happy New Year Story: Scotland’s ‘renewable energy expertise’ in demand worldwide, says new research. At least 14 news agencies report it but BBC Scotland, STV?


Taiwan comes to Scotland for offshore renewables inspiration


Now a research team at Lews Castle College UHI, part of the University of the Highlands and Islands has developed a new system for measuring waves and currents which would be much more accurate in identifying the best places to install wave and tidal power turbines.


The new system is much more accurate than the traditional use of buoys and is land-based so it can be maintained more easily. Research Lead, Mr Vogler, said:


‘Knowing the strength and distribution of the potential energy resource is crucial for wave and tidal-power projects…..This method gives us real-time information to assess what’s going to happen in a few minutes’ time.…Hotspots of potential energy creation spread over an area can make all the difference for choosing the right location for a wave-energy converter or tidal-energy device.’




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