Scotland’s expertise in oil extraction leads to opportunities far beyond the North Sea

An Aberdeen-based firm, Interventek Subsea, have developed what is thought to be the world’s first safety valve. The valve can operate at 20 000psi and in temperatures up to 350 Fahrenheit. It was designed with the oil fields around Mexico in mind but presumably that ability to withstand very high pressure will be handy in the very deep waters west of Shetland too?

This looks like a further example of the benefits of 40 years of experience for Scots in the North Sea. See:

Happy New Year Story: Scotland’s ‘renewable energy expertise’ in demand worldwide, says new research. At least 14 news agencies report it but BBC Scotland, STV?

In the above, I quoted the Aberdeen Evening Express:

‘Scotland’s “expertise in renewable energy” is in demand around the world, with businesses working in more than 40 countries, according to new research. Projects include advising the government of Japan, providing cranes to build wind farms in Morocco and South Africa and working with the World Bank in Chile, industry body Scottish Renewables said.’

It got little other coverage in the MSM.


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