Taiwan comes to Scotland for offshore renewables inspiration


(c) cia.org

Pretty much surrounded by water, Scotland and Taiwan have something in else common –  huge scope for offshore renewable energy production. See this from the Aberdeen Evening Express on 12th December 2016:

‘Scotland’s “expertise in renewable energy” is in demand around the world, with businesses working in more than 40 countries, according to new research. Projects include advising the government of Japan, providing cranes to build wind farms in Morocco and South Africa and working with the World Bank in Chile, industry body Scottish Renewables said.’

Maybe someone in in Taiwan reads the Aberdeen Evening Express too because you can add Taiwan to that list. They had one of the largest delegations at the All Energy Conference in Glasgow and they hope to use Scottish expertise to accelerate the growth of their currently very small industry – two 4 MW windmills offshore. They’ve set a target of 500MW by 2020 and 3 GW by 2025.

I’m sure we can help…at a reasonable price!



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