Grangemouth residents get a taste of Pennsylvania’s nightmare


(c) The orange dots here are natural gas extraction operations with one or more environmental violations.

The gas leak from an INEOS pipeline inGrangemouth on Wednesday all but shut the town down. Residents were told to stay indoors and shut windows. It happened at 12 noon so hundreds of schoolchidlren were presumably kept in too. There was an all-clear by normal closing time.

The gas came from Pennsylvania where there are 7 788 active wells, where there have been 4 006 violations of safety (leaks) and unattributed earthquakes. These leaks and the effects from flare stack fumes have been associated with increases in asthma and birth defects.
If we needed a wee reminder to stand firm on our opposition to fracking as it gets underway in Lancashire and Yorkshire with the possibility of long pipelines from there to the INEOS plant across the border in Scotland, this is it. A newly installed and reinforced Conservative administration in Westminster will be pushing hard to increase fracking.


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