More evidence of good health in the Scottish construction industry


(c) Construction News

I’ve already reported on this in:

Scottish construction employment closes 2016 at 3-year-high’

Now we have further news today from Scottish Construction News of signs of even greater optimism. Avant Homes based in Stirling have reported 44% year-on-year growth to £368 million and building services provider T Clarke have reported 22% growth in demand since the beginning of the year to £400 million having only predicted £300 million. Needless to say both were asked about the potential disruptive effect of Indyref2 but Avant responded that the market:

‘remains positive — we still can’t build as many houses as people want to buy. We are confident about our forward view and strategy’.

You might remember a similar quote in an earlier piece, from Bellway:

If you do end up with a scenario where Scotland becomes a different country to the UK, to separate that, it’s so embedded I can’t see how it becomes structurally a different country to invest in, in the way it’s different to invest in France…..The barriers to entry can’t be that great. Of course it has a degree of uncertainty for people but we’re still investing in Scotland and Scotland is doing very well for us. Demand is strong, we’re buying land and reservations are coming through well. We’ve got a good business so I don’t see how the referendum will change that.’

Major UK Housebuilder says Scottish Independence no barrier to continued growth

All this alleged instability caused by a second independence referendum, trotted out by employers and establishment media is pure hooey. There is no evidence.


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