Link, Scottish Government and Argyll and Bute to build 600 new affordable homes at Dunbeg and Ganavon


The ‘Dunbeg Corridor’ as it is known is an area of outstanding beauty but little affordanle housing for the local population especailly younger adults with children. This will be a huge boost to the area helping to create a viable and sustainable community where workers can live within reasonable commuting distance sof their employment.

The additional houses will attract shops, cafes and other commercial activity to the area to add to the attractions of the existing network of walking and cycling tracks.

The houses should all be in place by 2021.

This, again, is more evidence of the SNP government’s commitment to building affordable housing at a level far in excess of previous Labour administrations or the current Tory one in London. See these for more:

SNP government spending on affordable housing to be more than twice, per head of population, than that of Tory government

Social housing on the up in Scotland’

The non-reporting of the Scottish Government’s commitment to affordable housing reflects the inability of our political journalists to highlight any good news coming out of Holyrood.

Once more the SNP’s progressive housing policies are helping Scotland weather the storm of Tory austerity



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