‘Social housing on the up in Scotland’

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I’ve already written on this topic and shared a very informative piece by a reader at:

 SNP government spending on affordable housing to be more than twice, per head of population, than that of Tory government

The non-reporting of the Scottish Government’s commitment to affordable housing reflects the inability of our political journalists to highlight any good news coming out of Holyrood

The PLANNER, yesterday, has added further useful detail. A dramatic 20% increase in approvals for new build affordable homes were made in 2016. That was an increase from 5 101 to 8 840. For 2017, the SNP government has confirmed £70 million under its Scottish Government’s Open Market Shared Equity (OMSE) scheme which will enable 1 700 more people to buy their first home.

I searched for an English equivalent finding another Scottish one, LINK, in the process. There is the Share to Buy scheme and, of course, in England, you can actually reduce the supply of affordable housing for rent by the exploiting the Right to Buy scheme.


For a better overview of all the articles go to:



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