Scottish Tories very unlikely to gain more than two extra seats according to real experts


I know Professor Curtice and other pundits have been fondly imagining up to 12 gains for the Scottish Tories, based on recent polls. This is wishful thinking. I’ve already discussed and debunked this myself at:

Keep calm, the SNP will keep nearly all of their seats

 The experts I’m talking about are the people who put their money where their mouths are – bookies. The website is by no means against the Tories but they’re telling us very clearly to save our money for surer bets. They might put some money on the Tories taking the Borders but even there, they’re not recommending a big bet on it. Personally, I think a wee Lib Dem ‘surge’ might leave it unchanged. They also wonder about East Renfrewshire but with even less certainty that you should put money on it. Anything else would be quite a big surprise. Here’s an extract. I’ve highlighted key phrases which make clear their skepticism about major Tory gains in Scotland:

 ‘The Conservatives will in all probability hoover up in the Borders and they may take some other outside prospects but the odds now seem too short to me.  One possible exception is East Renfrewshire.  While they start with a relatively low vote share of 22% in 2015, they had tallied 30% in successive elections suggesting that Jim Murphy had got a lot of Conservatives to vote tactically for him.  He’s not standing this time and I expect the Conservatives to return home, bringing some friends with them.  In a very unionist seat, even 8/11 might be fair value.  I’m still not backing them, mind.’

I know readers of this, unless you’re Joey Barton, wouldn’t back the Tories anyway but if they gain more than two, I’ll eat something.

What I would bet on is the Lib Dems losing Orkney and Shetland. I don’t care about the odds. It would be worth it.


6 thoughts on “Scottish Tories very unlikely to gain more than two extra seats according to real experts

  1. John May 1, 2017 / 11:52 am

    Another good news story , hope your right John . I was beginning to think I had missed some big piece of news somewhere . The polls seemed to be saying that Ruthies boys were about to scoop up the SNP MP’s seats , at least twelve . Could this possibly be MSM hype again ? , hmm , let me think ! .

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  2. YESGUY May 2, 2017 / 11:50 pm

    I am optimistic John .

    I too don’t believe the hype over the tories gains. Ruth Davidson is Toxic over the r*** clause and cuts to family credits . This is going to backfire in Scotland …. TM is the best indi advert ever … ,

    Great to read positive stuff John , we have much to offer but some folk have no imagination .

    So glad to have you back .


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