SNP and STUC are together on the same track to improve worker equality in Scotland

The STUC has called for extra powers to be allocated to the Scottish government post-Brexit. In particular, they want the ability to set a higher minimum wage, to protect the rights of EU nationals living in Scotland and greater control over immigration.

Looking at yesterday’s announcement by the Scottish Government on breaking down employment barriers you can see an affinity between government and workers’ leaders unknown previously in the UK. It reminds a little of my previous piece on Scots seeing their country as more like the Scandinavian ones than Britain. These countries, indeed most EU countries, have a more constructive relationship between their governments and their trades unions. It’s no accident that they also have healthier manufacturing industries, greater innovation in the workplace and better productivity. You may already have noticed that Scotland’s productivity outstrips that of rUK. See:

Scotland’s productivity has grown by almost 10% since 2007 while the rest of the UK’s has only grown by 0.1% so the SNP government pushes on by increasing funding for digital skills by £36 million.

The traditional ‘us and them’ mentality of British industry was a major cause of our industrial decline in the past and sadly still persists in England.

Here’s a short extract from the Scottish Government initiative announcement:

‘£500,000 for Workplace Equality Fund.’

‘Funding of £500,000 to address long standing barriers in accessing the labour market has been announced by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The Workplace Equality Fund will reduce employment inequalities so that everyone – irrespective of gender, race or disability – has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, and improve Scotland’s economic performance as a result.’

This kind of thing makes me really proud to be a Scot.

I really respect the loyalty of the 18% or so of the voters still, according to the polls, committing themselves to voting Labour but the need to keep out the Tories in Scotland is surely paramount. Look at the policies on offer and vote SNP this time. You can always return to Labour after independence. As for those former Labour supporters who are now part of the Tory surge, I daren’t say what I think here.


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