Extra £6.3m for Scottish Ambulance Service to further strengthen the world’s best A&E service

You may remember that Scotland’s Accident & Emergency services consistently outperform the others in the UK and were described as the best in the world in 2016:

 Scotland has the best and still improving A&E performance in the World. (Royal College of Emergency Medicine, 2016) http://www.rcem.ac.uk/CEM/document?id=9891

 Not content with that, the SNP Government will invest £6.3 million in extra funding for the Scottish Ambulance Service, a major element in that A&E success. Here’s an extract from the Scottish Government announcement yesterday:

‘Extra funding for the Scottish Ambulance Service will help them up-skill paramedics, treat more patients in the community and reduce the numbers requiring hospital admission. A total of £6.3 million Scottish Government funding will support delivery of the Towards 2020: Taking Care to the Patient strategy – focusing on increasing the Service’s capacity for care at home or in the community. A key output will see more specialist paramedics trained – who carry an extended range of medicines and equipment, meaning unnecessary A&E admissions can be avoided. With 46 specialist paramedics set to complete training in September, their numbers will more than double, from the 32 already in post to 78.’

Writing as one with a predisposition for falling and hurting myself, I couldn’t be more pleased to hear this.



2 thoughts on “Extra £6.3m for Scottish Ambulance Service to further strengthen the world’s best A&E service

  1. Ludo Thierry April 25, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    Hi John – Thanks so much for doing your fantastic work at bringing to light the really good work that is happening in Scotland – in so many different sectors of our economy, culture and daily life. My particular interest (as an AHP) is with the really good work that is going on in the Scottish NHS (which is never – NEVER – reported in what passes for our mainstream media). Please pace yourself well and don’t over-tire yourself with this wonderful work you are doing (Scotland needs you Prof – so keep right on but do allow yourself time to rest up as well – AHP’s orders!) – Really appreciate the work you are doing on this site, Ludo


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