Scottish manufacturers are upbeat, expecting strong domestic and export orders

A CBI Scotland survey has revealed further evidence of a strengthening economy. The percentage of firms reporting growth was up 19%. The percentage of firms reporting employment numbers was up 11%. Across the 33 firms, average domestic order growth was up 7% and export order growth was up an impressive 15%.

The full report is, needless to say, a bit more grudging and hesitant than my highlights but you’ll remember CBI Scotland came out in favour of No in 2014, before some of their members threatened to pull out as they had not been properly consulted.

Overall, though, it adds to the good news I’ve reported recently on general unemployment down, the demand for professionals up, businesses showing greater health than in rUK and  construction and energy sectors positively booming.

Hugh Aitken, CBI Scotland Director, said:

‘Scottish manufacturing output has strengthened and employment in our factories has also risen at a decent rate. Domestic and export orders growth remains decent and firms are optimistic that they will pick-up over both the next quarter and the year ahead.’

‘Decent?’ Some folk are never happy.


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