‘London professor and tax expert rejects “nonsense” data used against Scottish independence movement’

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Quite a full report on this is on Common Space, ref below, so I’ll just draw your attention to it and remind you that this professor is the third to ‘come out’ in favour of Scottish independence in the last few days. This extract, attacking the notion that the Scottish economy is weak, will give you an idea of where he goes with the argument:

‘This claim is based on four figures. The first is Scottish GDP. The second is Scottish tax revenues. The third is Scottish government spending. The last is the Scottish balance of payments (imports v exports). My contention is simple: all four may be seriously mis-stated, in which case to base debate on them would be a serious mistake. Murphy argued that the information in these areas in either made by broad estimations or suffers from a lack of evidence. He added that it was important to remember that “a government of an independent Scotland will have a very different structure to that imposed now”, and so the economic situation would be liable to fundamentally change with new data and full economic devolution.’


I’ve already presented the arguments of two other professors supporting the case for Scottish independence at:

Chatham House Professor and Defence Expert: ‘I think there is a greater-than-not likelihood of Scottish independence.’

‘To be brutally honest, if the SNP loses another referendum, even the formidable Ruth Davidson will not be able to prevent Scotland being plundered by this government.’

Who’s next?


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