‘Young Scots top for social action’

© youngscot.net

I missed this at the time (20th February) but I think it’s still worth a mention. Young Scots are more likely to get involved in helping others according to a UK-wide survey. Here are the figures:

Scotland          52%

Wales              48%

England           42%

N Ireland         18%

The benefits, according to the report are not just for those being helped:

‘Across the UK, those who are involved in volunteering and social action have significantly higher life-satisfaction than those who don’t, as well as having stronger personal networks.’

There’s much more detail along with personal stories in the full report:                        


Is there any connection between this report and my previous one about the SNP and the Tories? I know there are some right wee bastards in Scotland too but are we just a wee bit more collectivist, communitarian, as a people, than some of our neighbours? It would, of course, have been very interesting to compare the North and South of England data.


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