Another leap in confidence for Scotland’s economy



If you look hard enough you can even find good news at CBI Scotland. You’ll remember they came out for ‘No’ in 2014 then had to kind of back off when it became apparent they hadn’t properly consulted their members. Their site as a whole is still pretty gloomy but this one report leapt out at me. You’ll get the leaping references soon if the salmon above hasn’t already done so.

On 24th February, CBI Scotland reported:

‘The Scottish food and drink industry is on a high right now, generating an annual turnover of £14.4bn and being lauded the world over as a prime example of the power of innovation, collaboration and quality.’

Current UK Food and Drink exports have reached £20 billion.

Scottish Food and Drink exports account for £5 billion or 25% of the UK figure with only 10% of the population and it’s not all whisky! Here’s what the report says about salmon, just salmon no other seafood included in the figure:
‘Exports surpassed the £500 million threshold for the first time in 2015, making it Scotland’s biggest, and the UK’s second biggest, food export. It directly supports over 2,200 jobs – almost 8% of the food and drink workforce in Scotland.’

Remember, too, many of these jobs are in the more fragile rural economy.

5 thoughts on “Another leap in confidence for Scotland’s economy

  1. Alasdair Macdonald. February 27, 2017 / 12:15 pm

    My mother used to chide me as a boy when I was untruthful that, ‘a liar needs a good memory’. In a moral world, she was, of course, correct. Sadly in so much of mainstream journalism and reported politics systematic lying is normal practice. It has been going on for centuries under different names like the current ones of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’.
    However, the perpetrators have a wider range of strategies, including the selective, decontextualised fact, which is often verifiable.
    There is also the use of facts to suit short term gain, even when one directly contradicts something said before. I recall a trade union official with whom I had dealings who used directly contradictory assertions during successive negotiations on the same day, and when I pointed this out, totally unfazed, he replied that we were discussing separate cases!
    One of the reasons why I disliked such negotiations and why I never entertained the idea of entering politics, was that I could not adopt such a cavalier attitude to the truth. If ever I was tempted into such dialectic mendacity, I could hear a maternal voice from the recesses of my memory, and, if what I said was particularly egregious, the voice would be speaking Gaelic. Thanks, Mum!
    Nevertheless, despite he persistent short term successes of mendacity, which also, continue long term, I still prefer honest debate, so I welcome your rigorous fact checking.


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