BBC Un-Reporting Scotland witter on about poverty and inequality for a whole week but still fail to keep up-to-date with research which lays the blame where it lies, on Westminster



‘Important elements of the welfare system are being devolved to Scotland…. However, the devolution of welfare powers should not obscure the continuing role of that Westminster plays in determining benefit spending in Scotland. In this report we have estimated that the post-2015 welfare reforms will result in a financial loss to claimants in Scotland of just over £1bn a year by 2020-21. This comes on top of an earlier financial loss of £1.1bn a year by March 2016 arising from the welfare reforms implemented by the Westminster Government between 2010 and 2015. Even the devolved benefits do not escape unscathed: by the time that responsibility for Personal Independence Payments is devolved in 2018, we estimate that a further £190m a year will have been taken from claimants in Scotland as a result of the on-going replacement of DLA by PIP. As a result, a smaller budget line will eventually be handed over. Welfare claimants in Scotland have lost large sums already, and are set to lose further large sums. The devolution of welfare powers will not in itself alter this stark reality.’

This is from the conclusions of: THE IMPACT ON SCOTLAND OF THE NEW WELFARE REFORMS by Christina Beatty and Steve Fothergill, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University October 2016 at:

Somehow, Repulsing Scotland’s Douglas Fraser missed this recent report in his extended but infantile review of inequality in Scotland. I won’t repeat my evaluation here. It’s at:


The report was commissioned by the Scottish Government and undertaken by Sheffield Hallam University so it’s probably biased, eh? I won’t repeat the detail here. The above quote makes the main point that no matter how hard the Scottish Government tries to protect the weak, there are limits to what they can do because of the overwhelming power differential between them and the Tory regime in London. They have made some notable contributions in, for example, the funds given to local councils to offset the effects of the ‘Bedroom Tax’ but again they have had little credit for that from the Unionist parties or from their media department at BBC Scotland. Perhaps most nauseating, after repeatedly showing us Kezia’s hypocritical whining like that woman in the Simpsons, has been their protection of Tory leader Ruth Davidson from association with the brutal reforms of her bosses in London. More on BBC Scotland’s shameless concealment of Davidson’s complicity can be found at:


As with Brexit and Trident renewal, the logic on poverty and inequality points only one way, to full independence.



2 thoughts on “BBC Un-Reporting Scotland witter on about poverty and inequality for a whole week but still fail to keep up-to-date with research which lays the blame where it lies, on Westminster

  1. Tonyd November 25, 2016 / 7:21 am

    I listened to the ‘call kaye’ programme on BBC radio Scotland 24/11 AM. The topic for discussion was the autumn budget statement. Each time a caller came on to mention their economic problems and how the budget was not going to improve things, I listened as each time Kaye asked, “who do you blame for this,Westminster or holyrood? Allowed a chap to witter on uncorrected for some time who blamed the SNP, as “everything” was devolved and they won’t use their powers so that they can try to lay the cause of the problems at westminster’s door”. Kaye I’m sure is an educated person, and will be aware just how little economic levers are at holyrood’s disposal, but allowed this misinformation to go uncorrected.


    • johnrobertson834 November 25, 2016 / 10:54 am

      Thanks, yes, it’s disgraceful. I think Radio Scotland feels more free to distort reality than Reporting Scotland does. I just can listen anymore. Brave man!


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