Crisis What Crisis? Scotrail’s punctuality improves again and is now better than the UK average for the first time




BBC Reporting Scotland, STV News and most of Scotland’s newspapers are alive with hysterical accounts of a crisis in Scotland’s railway system after a single incident in Edinburgh last Thursday. Already the First Minister has felt obliged to apologise and Transport Minister, Humza Yousef, has faced calls to resign from Unionist politicians. Needless to say the mainstream media reports have been utterly devoid of facts or context. Look at the table below and you’ll see that the commonly used measure of train punctuality also known as PPM (public performance measure) means trains arriving at their terminating station within five minutes for commuter services and within 10 minutes for long distance services’, for ScotRail, has actually been better than the average for the UK as a whole and has improved on the figure for 2015/16.


 Performance by train operator

 The table below shows the average PPM for Britain as a whole and by train operating company. The moving annual average is calculated over the 365 days to 12 November.

Train Operating Company PPM % period 8, 2015/16  PPM % period 8, 2016/17  PPM Moving annual average (MAA)
Abellio Greater Anglia 86.0 86.8 89.2
Arriva Trains Wales 90.1 88.6 91.7
c2c Rail 96.5 93.3 95.0
Caledonian Sleeper 83.2 87.4 86.2
Chiltern 92.8 93.2 93.1
Crosscountry 85.1 86.5 89.6
East Midlands Trains 89.5 87.5 92.2
First Hull Trains 78.3 82.4 83.2
Transpennine Express 75.0 88.1 87.6
Govia Thameslink Railway 74.2 69.9 75.6
Grand Central 83.3 85.9 84.7
Great Western Railway 85.0 85.0 89.1
Heathrow Express 90.1 90.6 90.9
London Midland 83.6 85.7 89.1
London Overground 92.5 94.8 94.7
Merseyrail 93.4 94.5 95.3
Northern 84.3 88.5 91.2
ScotRail 83.3 87.0 89.8
Southeastern 82.3 84.4 86.3
Stagecoach South West Trains 86.8 85.5 88.3
TfL Rail 94.8 94.9 94.2
Virgin Trains East Coast 80.3 80.9 82.7
Virgin Trains West Coast 86.4 90.5 87.1
Total England & Wales Performance 84.3  85.1  87.9 *

*The total label above is just another piece of Anglo-centrism by some anonymous website data entry assistant and is the UK figure as indicated at the top of the table.

Strangely, the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, has not been called upon to resign despite the appalling record of Westminster’s local line, Govia Thameslink Railway, with only 69.9% of trains arriving on or near on-time. ‘Govia?’ What does that remind me of? Is the Right Dishonourable Michael Gove on the board there?



5 thoughts on “Crisis What Crisis? Scotrail’s punctuality improves again and is now better than the UK average for the first time

  1. broadbield November 21, 2016 / 9:10 pm

    I wait with bated breath to hear you on GMS at 6am tomorrow putting the record straight – oh and while you’re on can you ask for the heads of certain members of the reporting Labour team to roll for broadcasting inaccuracies – again.

    In the meantime I’ve sent a link to your piece to my 3 SNP MSP’s urging them to up their act.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. johnrobertson834 November 21, 2016 / 9:15 pm

    Cheers BB. Good idea to share. SNP pretty timid on this? GMS? No way. I have a sensitive…..everything.


  3. Michael November 22, 2016 / 8:39 am

    If the totals shown in the chart really were for England & Wales (as the chart states) they would have been even lower – the inclusion of the Scotrail figures improves them noticeably. But will there be headlines such as “Scots Trains Out-perform Most South of Border”? I doubt it.


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