BBC Scotland’s still Ruth-less approach to the news: what do they need to do to get bad press?



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 Images:, Daily Torygraph

‘Tory leader Ruth Davidson ‘sends Scots money to Westminster’ (The National, September 29th 2016)

‘Scottish charity accuses RSPCA of ‘stealing from Scotland’s animals’ (Daily Torygraph, 2009)

It’s been five days since I wrote BBC Scotland is utterly Ruth-less as well as utterly useless but It is not all doom and gloom, even in Scotland’ and, in it, noted a number of newsworthy faux pas by the Scottish Tories:

‘Tory MSP blows off key parliament vote to take part in World Cup referee training’

‘Tory toff MSP claimed eye-watering £113 for taxi to airport when catching train would have cost just £8.50’

‘Moneybags Tory MSP accused of exploiting parliamentary position to further his business interests’

Back in 2009, we had the alleged theft of the Scottish SPCA’s charity income by the Royal SPCA. There’s been no further reporting of the story so I take it all has been resolved with RSPCA only getting a wee share of the Scottish money to pay for injuries to the corgis on their regular Balmoral visits. I wonder who paid for the treatment (to his foot) after a Stirling University student kicked one of them back in the ‘sixties’? I hope the above overridden buffalo will be able to draw confidently on sufficient funds for his or her treatment from the SSPCA.

The National newspaper headline, above, suggests that the Scottish Tories may have been funding the Tory Policy Research Unit, for work on non-devolved issues, with money which they can then claim back as expenses….from us! I searched and I can’t find the story anywhere else in the Scottish MSM. Needless to say BBC Scotland didn’t mention it this morning. True to failing form, the Herald headlined instead SNP given bloody nose over NHS downgrade proposals.’ There’s a torrent of criticism below, by readers, but I’m too tired to join in. What’s the point?

The National also noted that:

‘Recently the PRU was investigated by Parliament’s expenses watchdog over claims they had indirectly used public money to pay for a suite of rooms used in an orgy. In 2011 PRU booked the penthouse, costing up to £2,500 per night, at Manchester’s Light Apart Hotel for the Tory party conference. According to the Independent, PRU boss Ian Corby advertised the sex-party in the penthouse suite on gay dating app, Grindr. He was later removed from the Tory’s list of approved candidates.’

I decided against a visual image for this part of the story.

What we did get from BBC Scotland at 06:28 was:

  1. New figures reveal that councils have been given £140 million for child care by the SG which has not been spent on the programme.
  2. Missing person
  3. Aberdeen University launch new Master programme on rig decommissioning

When will we hear anything about the Tories as they skid from one error to the next? Either way the first story reflects badly on the SG’s ability to implement its policies. The new MA programme announcement gave them a chance to extend the report beyond the actual story to remind us again of how the oil industry is on its last legs.

Running Total:

Running total 21 to 29/9/16                              Number of reports

Bad news for SG/SNP                                                             9

Good news for SG/SNP                                                          3

Bad news for Labour                                                              1

Good news for Labour                                                           5

Bad news for CP                                                                      0

Good news for CP                                                                   0


The same clear pattern getting even clearer by the day.




2 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s still Ruth-less approach to the news: what do they need to do to get bad press?

  1. Clydebuilt September 29, 2016 / 7:25 pm

    John, we’ll have to wait a long time before we see any negative reporting on the Blue Tories. With The demise of the Red ones “They” might have to rely on Roothless and pals to save the Union.
    There’s many different layers to the porkies we get telt…… Almost never hear an SNP voice at peak times 8am to 8.30am or 17.00 to 18.00 often they are brought on just after 8.30 or 18.00 . Used to be an exception to this, if the BBC thought they had the SNP over a barrel then you’d hear them at peak time. Now the BBC give their version of events without giving the SNP redress. More effective that way….. Could say it’s not working 56MP’s ..62 odd MSP’s ……. But without Auntie’s porkies, chances are Scotland would be independent.


    • johnrobertson834 October 1, 2016 / 8:53 am

      Indeed. Thought they had fully transferred their hopes to Tories but Kezia had a lot of favourable attention in last week. Also they are frightened of the Tory right wing who would shut them down.


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