More objective evidence of a strong Scottish Economy in 2018


From Insider yesterday:

The return of UK investors to the market helped the Scottish commercial property sector deliver one of its strongest years in 2018. More than £2.5 billion was invested in offices, retail, industrial and specialist property in Scotland, above the £2.46 billion average seen since 2014. Investments made by UK funds increased by 58% to £771m and up 255% on 2016’s low of £217m. But overseas investors were the most prolific purchasers in Scotland, accounting for £920m (36.8%) of the overall figure. Around two-fifths, or £1 billion, was spent on offices across Scotland, with Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen taking up the lion’s share (£897m). Investment in retail dropped from £665m in 2017 to £550m last year, mirroring trends seen across the UK.’

This is, of course, objective evidence of the kind, unlike the GERS estimates, reported here before:

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