NHS Scotland sending only 0.03% and now even fewer patients to England for treatment

Well-skelped spokesperson?

Inevitably, smaller countries find themselves sending a small number of specialist cases to neighbouring large countries which have the critical mass to justify employing medics capable of treating rare conditions. I feel sure that such a relationship will exist between Denmark and Germany, Belgium and France or New Zealand and Australia.

Scotland had been sending an increasing number to NHS England up to 2014/15 but the figure has been lower, for three years since.

Miles Briggs (Lothian) (SCAUP): asked about this in Holyrood yesterday and the data below was offered:


In 2018, NHS Scotland conducted an estimated 17 million GP consultations, carried out four million outpatient appointments and responded to 764,201 emergencies. (7)



So, those 6 595 who went to England for treatment amounted to 0.03% of the total.


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