SNP Government funding enables 61 000 children to benefit from nutritious meals while schools are shut

From yesterday:

A record number of children have benefitted from holiday activities and nutritious meals while schools are shut. National charity, Cash For Kids, expect to provide activities to more than 61,000 children, up from the 37,000 children supported last year. The Scottish Government has focused £2 million from the £3.5 million Fair Food Fund specifically on school holidays, with £692,000 awarded for 2019-20 to support families send their children to a holiday club scheme. The Scottish Government took forward the recommendations of the Poverty and Inequality Commission earlier this year and worked to improve the coordination of support for families during the school holidays.

Earlier reports:

BBC Scotland ignores SNP school holiday meals funding to keep the poverty porn going

Reporting Scotland fake concern over child poverty but ignore major SNP policies designed to help



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