Expert advises Scottish Government to skip from R100 straight to R102 for airship-naming

The R101 crashes and burns in 1930.

A Freedom of Information request answer published yesterday inquired into the delay to airship R100

Information requested: You asked for “Any correspondence (letters, emails or otherwise) (a) received and (b) sent by Paul Wheelhouse regarding the delay to R100”.

Response: I enclose a copy of some of the information you requested that was either received or sent by Paul Wheelhouse MSP. An exemption under s.25(1) (information otherwise accessible) applies to the some of the information as it can be found online. However, in support of our duty to provide advice and assistance to the applicant we are able to provide two web links and associated documents:

1) Parliamentary Question S5W-23690, answer and background note regarding steps to ensure no further delay to R100

1) Parliamentary Question S5W-2369, answer and background note measures taken around R100 in relation to the R100 delay

TuS Aeronautics Correspondent, Wings Over Scotland (in Scotland) Commander, Graham Zeppelin (above right with trainee pilot, later BBC journo, B Taylor, left, in 1954), said:

‘NOOOO!!! It’s cursed. Just like Room 101, R101 means we’re all dead! DEAD I TELL YOU!’



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