Scotland’s unemployment rate still lower than UK but Reporting Scotland feel a ‘surge’ coming on

Though typically headlined by BBC Scotland as ‘Scotland sees surge in unemployment’, the increase was only 3.6% for the period April to June after a longer period of more than a year falling below that of the UK:

16 years-old statistics pupils will of course tell us that a three-month change is not a reliable indicator of a trend. Has anyone at Reporting Scotland passed mathematics at O, Standard or National 4 level?

Other good news: The employment rate of 75.4% was close to the highest figure on record – 75.9% and very near to the UK rate despite the latter being distorted by the rate in the hyper-subsidised South -East and London..




One thought on “Scotland’s unemployment rate still lower than UK but Reporting Scotland feel a ‘surge’ coming on

  1. Alasdair Macdonald August 14, 2019 / 8:58 am

    Are journalists not taught that we have a wide range of words so that nuance can be expressed? They are responsible for the degeneration of language – mind you politicians, campaigners, trade union officials, defence lawyers all make a significant contribution to this destruction of meaning and understanding.

    The fact is, that of course they know this but wilfully choose to use misleading language ….. despite allof us having been told the story ‘Peter and the Wolf’ at primary school.


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