Scotland ‘the Saudi Arabia of tidal power’ takes another step forward with World’s most powerful marine turbine

In Energy Voice yesterday:

An Aberdeen-headquartered firm has agreed a multi-million deal to construct a ground-breaking new tidal turbine from its port-side facility in Dundee. Texo Group, who employ 35 staff in Dundee, said the deal with Orkney-based Orbital Marine Power to manufacture its new O2 tidal turbine will look to create up to 100 jobs at the firm. The deal is understood to be a substantial portion of the overall build cost, which is between £8-9 million. Texo Group’s managing director, Robert Dalziel, said the deal would show the “very best” in Scottish engineering as the firm switches over from oil and gas to renewables. Orbital Marine Power, formerly Scotrenewables, reported an industry benchmark last August as its SR2000 tidal turbine generated more power in the past year than the entire Scottish marine energy sector managed in the 12 years prior to its launch.

Scotland has both massive wave and tidal resources and now the expertise to exploit them. This research report sums them up:

If there is one region of the world that is synonymous with marine renewable energy, it is Scotland. With 16,500 km of coastline and a population density of 64/km2, Scotland is in a strong position to make use of its abundant wave and tidal resources to generate meaningful levels of electricity. Scotland sits on the western fringes of the northwest European continental shelf, exposed to waves propagating from the north Atlantic – the main source of its wave energy resource. In addition, numerous narrow channels, seaways and “firths” interspersed around Scotland lead to the formation of some of the strongest tidal currents in the world, with the Pentland Firth, in particular, often nicknamed the “Saudi Arabia of tidal power”.

Go to the actual report for sources for the claims above.


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