Why is BBC Scotland ignoring ‘pain and suffering that criminals from English cities are inflicting on vulnerable people in Scotland’s rural and coastal towns?’

In an extended report by the BBC today we heard:

Recorded drug crime is increasing in many small towns and villages even as it falls significantly in city centres, the BBC has found. Drug crimes in England and Wales have fallen by more than 50,000 in the past five years, according to a BBC analysis of police-recorded crime data. But the national averages hide a major shift in where drug crimes are being committed. In the village of Westhumble in Surrey, which has a population of 649, drug crime has more than quadrupled in the past five years, from nine cases to 42.


There’s no mention of Scotland at all in the report. Are these gangs respecting the border and staying out of Scotland? Well no, of course, they aren’t. See this from the Sunday Post in February 2019:

PEOPLE living in rural communities around Scotland are being targeted by ruthless “county lines” gangsters who want to take over their home to sell drugs. The criminals from the north of England use threats and violence to force vulnerable people in countryside towns and villages into helping them sell drugs. Police say the problem – first seen in Scotland’s north-east – has now spread across the country and a dedicated team of detectives has been set up in response.


Police Scotland reported the problem in January, triggering presumably, the Sunday Post piece and announced an initiative by Crimestoppers:

The charity Crimestoppers is today 14th January 2019 launching a campaign to highlight the pain and suffering that criminals from English cities are inflicting on vulnerable people in Scotland’s rural and coastal towns.


The Times covered the story in October 2018, but as far as I can see, no other major mainstream media outlet in Scotland has. Why doesn’t this appeal to editors? Subconscious aversion to stories that might make us want a hard border?

Footnote: Presumably, drug gangs based in Scottish cities are not doing this kind of thing?

AND, come on BBC Scotland Disclosure Team! Here’s a real story that doesn’t just involve interviewing auld folk in a hospital ward or in their living rooms about how there aren’t enough nurses or doctors or pan drops or……..


2 thoughts on “Why is BBC Scotland ignoring ‘pain and suffering that criminals from English cities are inflicting on vulnerable people in Scotland’s rural and coastal towns?’

  1. Ludo Thierry August 12, 2019 / 7:38 am

    Not enough pan drops??? – My God – It’s a NATIONAL EMERGENCY…..(Headline from the beeb’s The News Where You Are)

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  2. ArtyHetty August 12, 2019 / 4:28 pm

    This is horrendous. It must be tackled at Westminster by SNP MP’s and at Holyrood without delay. It’s an utter utter scandal, and the police seem a bit concerned but is that enough?

    Yes these English gangs are targetting vulnerable people, with actual violence and death threats, which is sickening to the core, and do we know what their ultimate aim is? Who is really behind it?

    Gangs are supported from higher up, possibly even internationally! This is about flooding Scotland with severely dangerous drugs, to control communities, and to control the population. It’s actually terrifying that it’s being imported into Scotland, into our beautiful country, where our government for once, ie the SNP, are working on improving the lives of the people of Scotland.

    The Britnats’ governments based in England and then at Holyrood, spent decades if not centuries, taking what they could from Scotland, a free for all, thieving Scotland’s land and resources and taking Scotland’s revenues, while keeping Scotland and Scotland’s people, poor and begging.

    To now see that gangs from England are importing their criminality in the extreme, into Scotland, is surely a political matter as well as social, and also economic. If you control the people via addiction, you control their communities, and when you stifle the powers of their government, not even allowing safe houses for those addicted, then we have a huge problem in Scotland, politically. This is coming from OUTSIDE of Scotland, and it needs to be stopped now.

    It’s what has been done to the countries of Latin America by the US, importing crime, drugs and then where they could, warring among the people and against their democratically elected governments. The SNP government can’t be bought though, like they did and still do, in Latin America, so this needs tackling politically and fast.

    Thanks, have shared. Not surprised BBC are ignoring this, because it’s a CRIME AGAINST SCOTLAND.

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