Is Ruth now too leftist for the Scottish Tories?

I’ve read the article and I still have no idea what she meant but it sounds like she likes him doesn’t it?

From Ludo:

Can’t help but wonder if Westminster pm Johnson’s backroom team are actively dumping Col. Davidson? Kenny Farquharson has a piece in the Times silkily arguing that the ‘Scottish’ tories are realising that Davidson’s time has come and gone in the changed circumstances of the Faragist challenge and the exodus of pragmatic Scottish centrist voters in the face of the blond mop-top’s rightist coup: Link and snippets below:

“Ruth Davidson’s biggest problem is not Boris Johnson. This may be hard to believe, given the uncomfortable stand-off between the two over Brexit. What could possibly be a bigger problem than holding a view — opposing a no-deal Brexit — that your party leader regards as a sacking offence?

But no, Mr Johnson is not the trickiest challenge facing the Scottish Tory leader. For that, she has only to look in the mirror. Ms Davidson’s biggest problem is that she is no longer the kind of leader her party needs.

What has changed? The Scottish Conservatives have mislaid about half of their voters, that is what has changed. And these voters have been lost to a party to the right of the Tories, not to the left.

And of course, her problems are not all to her right. Many moderate Tories appalled at Mr Johnson’s ascension are eyeing the exits, if they have not yet stampeded for the door. This is not the cautious, pragmatic, centrist party they signed up for. Who can blame them for wanting out, now that the Conservative Party of old is back, blue in tooth and claw and rinse?

Where does all this leave Project Ruth, you may ask? I was never one of those who bought into the notion of her as a putative first minister. It was far too outlandish. Even those who once subscribed to the idea now accept the moment has gone. Peak Ruth is long past. Project Ruth is over”.

Perhaps further early evidence of Johnson’s planned political assassination of Davidson can be found in the ConservativeHome website survey of tory party members regarding their relative ‘satisfaction ratings’ of the new cabinet (and some others – including Davidson); Link and snippet below:

Javid pips Johnson and Rees-Mogg to the top of the podium in our first Cabinet League Table of the new Government

ConservativeHome net satisfaction ratings for cabinet (and others): (Source: ConservativeHome survey of Party members, July 2019)

Alister Jack = 31.8

Ruth Davidson = 14.8

Davidson in the doldrums. The Scottish Conservative leader has previously been relatively shielded from the ups and downs of the Cabinet, often chalking up podium positions as she focused her fire on the SNP. She is currently the lowest-ranked politician in the entire table, most likely fallout from her highly-publicised split with the Prime Minister and hostility to No Deal.

Note how the previously unknown Alister ‘Union’ Jack who enjoys Johnson’s blessings has a rating which towers over long-time media darling ‘BBC’ Davidson’s rating. Such a very rapid and major shift in popularity within the tory party membership suggests (to me at any rate) that the Johnson machine is going all out to politically undermine and decapitate Davidson – These Eton types play hardball and Davidson consistently briefed against the bottle blond – but lacked the political skills (and base) to be effective. (Alas poor Ruthie – we in Scotland kent her well – far too well even).


5 thoughts on “Is Ruth now too leftist for the Scottish Tories?

  1. Bugger le Panda August 3, 2019 / 2:51 pm

    There is a Rubicon to cross if the majority of the Tory MPs and MSPs can continue to exist and undoubtedly in an independent Scotland

    In independence a right wingish Party will be required but one without the baggage of the current self serving collabos.

    They all need to declare independence of Scotland us their desire, then gtf out of politics and let a soft right emerge.

    Oh and ensure everyone has their own real unicorn

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  2. Gavin August 3, 2019 / 6:39 pm

    Be aware that the “Scottish” press would not have led with this. They, along with BEEB North Brit, are totally in thrall to the line fed to them via the Scottish Office ( an operation that includes the security services and funding).
    Paranoid? You bet. There is no way a popular independence movement in Scotland is allowed to function without the “black arts” being involved.
    So, when you fail to read about Peak Ruthie being overin the Herod or Hootsman, it’s because there is a lag before this news is allowed to percolate through. When that happens, then the decline will be rapid–an ermine cloak of invisibility for our “hero”, then it will be full steam ahead with planted tales of the wonderousness of Brit Nat supremo Alister “Union” Jack.
    Win-win for Boris-think in Scotland, though I think his tenure will prove disasterous for these islands—it will be the catalyst for independence, but Scotland will share the economic consequences of a Boris Brexit until we are free of the U.K.

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    • Bugger le Panda August 3, 2019 / 11:18 pm

      I wonder how much of the Imperial
      Admin costs are rendered in cash, in brown envelopes to the tame press and TV.

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  3. Terry callachan August 4, 2019 / 11:40 am

    Perhaps Ruth will move to the Lib Dems

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  4. Gavin C Barrie August 4, 2019 / 8:35 pm

    @Terry Callachan – I wish please, Swinson and Davidson, cats in a bag.


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