Conservatives FAIL as FEAR of crime in England is TWICE the level of that in Scotland!

Second poll confirms human effects of falling crime levels in Scotland

The YouGov poll based on fieldwork on 16th and 17th July reinforces the stability of SNP support (42%) and the collapse of that for the Tories (13%) and Labour (15%) but, notably, reveals a sharp difference in levels of concern about crime. Only 16% of Scots rated it the most important issue while between 28% (South) and 35% (London) did so across England and Wales.

Click to access TheTimes_190717_VI_Trackers_w.pdf

An Ipsos-MORI poll a year ago told the same story:

A clearly related phenomenon can be seen in surveys showing that Scots feel they are experiencing a fall in crime greater than that reported by the police! See this for more detail:

Despite uninformed Scotsman scare story, Scots reported EXPERIENCE of crime has fallen MORE than the police statistics!


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