Scottish Conservatives Civil War as support plummets and four MPs join Boris to gift freedom to Scotland

Can things get any worse for the Scottish Conservatives? Only months after accusations of being a sex pest, Ross Thomson has been appointed to run the Boris campaign in Scotland. It’s hard to imagine anything going less well.

Now we hear that four of the Scottish MPs will support Boris in opposition to their ‘party leader’ in Scotland, Ruth Davidson, a long-time opponent of the Johnson. A recent Panelbase poll found that a Johnson leadership would push support for independence up to 53%.

BBC Scotland has ‘bravely’ described the split in the party in this headline:

Two weeks ago, a YouGov poll revealed, astonishingly, that around two thirds of Tory party members would rather see Scotland leave than see Brexit fail. On top of this, yesterday’s YouGov poll puts the Conservatives in Scotland down at 14% well below the UK average of around 24% and in danger of extinction in the next election.

So, there you have them – sex pests, a split in support for the leader, plummeting support in the polls, dumped by their English members and with a probable leader who calls us ‘jocks’, yet there is no mention anywhere in our NoMedia of split, schism or civil war.



3 thoughts on “Scottish Conservatives Civil War as support plummets and four MPs join Boris to gift freedom to Scotland

  1. William Henderson June 27, 2019 / 12:37 pm

    Ruth, Ruth!,

    Photo op, Photo op!

    Come oot, come oot, whaurever ye are…….

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  2. Alasdair Macdonald June 27, 2019 / 2:14 pm

    The New Statesman, a Ruth Davidson ‘fanzine’, a couple of weeks ago ran a piece about why it was feasible for Ruth Davidson to support Mr Johnson. Indeed, it might be ‘good politics’ because she might be able to gain ‘concessions that would benefit Scotland’ These concessions are, probably, like the ones which are still to materialize, we were assured would accrue to us Jocks when the members of the Ruth Davidson Party (small print – Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party) went to Westminster to ‘do what the COLONEL would tell them to do’. So, 4 are supporting Mr Johnson, 8 are supporting Mr Hunt and 1 husnae tellt us.

    Has BBC Scotland reported on this???? Huv thae f%@*!!!!!!!!!!!

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