Hospital infections: Reporting Scotland have a real problem as they lie again and again

I don’t need to repeat the earlier lies about patients dying ‘after’ infections which turned out, always, to have been only contributory factors. You can read about them all in earlier posts here. Just search for ‘infections.’

They lied again this morning and at 1.30 today, they said this:

‘A major inquiry into Scotland’s biggest hospital tries to establish why staff are struggling to control infection outbreaks.’

Remember there were outbreaks of a fungal infection in two wards of a 1 677-bed, 1 109 patient room hospital in February 2019. There have been none reported since.

Are staff struggling? That there have been infections in only two of more than 1 000 places since the opening of the hospital in 2016, suggests otherwise. Further it looks like the choice of the word ‘struggling’ is unique to Reporting Scotland. It does not appear in the BBC Scotland website report nor does it appear in any press reports. We’re reminded of their labelling of NHS Tayside’s oncology department ‘dysfunctional’, when no one else did and, as we now know, stupidly.





3 thoughts on “Hospital infections: Reporting Scotland have a real problem as they lie again and again

  1. Alasdair Macdonald June 27, 2019 / 2:07 pm

    Yes, this is choice of word which appears to be more intentional than sloppy. Given the record of BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs in using terminology which hints at something darker than is really the case, then it is plausible that the writer of the script has made a decision to use such a dog-whistling word.

    The infection at the QEUH is being investigated by a bona fide expert team to try to identify how the infection was able to spread and what might be done to reduce the likelihood of something similar in the future. This is excellent H&S procedure. However, the weasel words of the BBC are derived from ‘mining’ the investigators’ interim reporting for parts which when quoted out of context can hint at something ‘bad’.

    I note that the doctors leading the enquiry are seeking information from members of the public which might have a bearing on the matter. The BBC has two fascists making statements about their, alleged, hospital experience in their archive. I trust that this will be given to the investigators.

    As you point out, the interim report also enabled the BBC to cut and paste their previous shock-horror piece into the present report.

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  2. Gerald Robertson June 27, 2019 / 7:30 pm

    Are there any BBC Scotland staff out there that have an ounce of integrity that when they see their employer systematically lie and deceive Scotland on an almost daily basis that they do not feel the need to raise this issue with senior colleagues. If so I would dearly love to hear from them.


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