Scotland’s renewable power moves toward constant supply with battery twice the size of current (sic) biggest in UK

Tesla’s giant battery in Australia

In the Guardian yesterday:

Scottish Power is to undertake the most ambitious battery power project in Europe in an attempt to unlock the potential of the UK’s wind and solar farms. The company will connect an industrial-scale battery, the size of half a football pitch, to the Whitelees onshore windfarm early next year to capture more power from its 215 turbines. The first major onshore wind power storage project will lead the way for a string of similar projects across at least six of Scottish Power’s largest renewable energy sites over the following 18 months. The battery has more than double the power capacity of any existing battery in the UK.’

This news follows a gutsy not gusty trend in Scotland’s wind power developments:

Mammoth wind farm to meet needs of 40% of Scottish homes and starts one year AHEAD of schedule

‘The multi-billion Moray East Offshore Wind Farm project will kick into life almost a year ahead of schedule from its operations and maintenance centre at Fraserburgh Harbour. It is hoped that it will bring a significant…

8% of the population but 28.5% of the wind-powered electricity

The UK as a whole generates up to 20 000 MW with wind power, on a good day, on and offshore. Scotland generates up 5 700 MW. I suspect Scotland does it more reliably due to more windy days but…

New Moray Wind Farm to create ‘hundreds of local jobs’ as Scottish wind power breaks records

In Energy Voice yesterday: ‘Developers of a controversial Moray windfarm claim the project will create hundreds of local jobs, while adding almost £27 million to the local economy. Force 9 Energy, project developers of Clash Gour Windfarm, yesterday announced…

Scotland’s wind energy smashes through 100% threshold but fails to bother BBC Scotland

Never mind those bloody windfarms, this one will bleeow yoh hice dine! From the WWF, yesterday: ‘Wind output in November broke through the 100% threshold for the first time, with 109% of total Scottish electricity demand being met from renewables,…

BBC Scotland have only murder on their minds as Scotland’s wind turbines produce enough power on one day to power three times more homes than we have!

Starting the day as I do with the BBC Scotland news insert at 06:26am, fuelled only by coffee, is a high-risk strategy. They had only murder on their minds. There were two killings, one which was decades ago, to start…



One thought on “Scotland’s renewable power moves toward constant supply with battery twice the size of current (sic) biggest in UK

  1. Alasdair Macdonald June 11, 2019 / 8:08 am

    A pompous pedant writes – your witticism in the title does not work. Batteries store potential energy and not ‘current’, unless a leccy who cannot spell working on the site has a currAnt in his scone.


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