Just another unbelievable (no ‘’ required) day at the ‘Scottish Daily Express’

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Get your fears FRESH today!              Vacancy: Depute Head of Security/ Door Women

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Self-parody Award Winner!                         Big Fib Award Winner!

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Yeah, it’s Mr Grey!


To be fair, they did cover the big march yesterday!


My late father-in-law, a construction worker from Donegal, bought the Express because the Daily Record was a ‘Rangers paper!’ He still voted Labour, so maybe none of the above matters?




4 thoughts on “Just another unbelievable (no ‘’ required) day at the ‘Scottish Daily Express’

  1. Robert Graham May 5, 2019 / 11:42 am

    A very strange country we live in its like some kind of parallel universe.
    The universe where people have woken up is controlled by the other universe where up is down and lying is a normal occurrence , both can’t exist at the same time, let’s hope people waken from this comatose existence before it’s to late .

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  2. Alasdair Macdonald. May 5, 2019 / 1:45 pm

    The Express is now owned by the self proclaimed Labour supporting Daily Mirror group and yet it continues to pour out the same mendacious bile that it did when I first learned to read c1952.

    It is instructive to note that Ms Natalie McGarry is always identified as ‘former SNP MP’, while the Conservative MP who has been found guilty of financial offences is simply as ‘MP, ‘ with no party affiliation in the headline.

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    • Martin Brooks May 9, 2019 / 10:39 am

      But Natalie McGarry, the former SNP MP did plead guilty in court to stealing from food banks? Yes?

      You’ve got to admit the fact it was food banks was a tad ironic seeing the SNP could have stocked every single one in Scotland to the rafters after the way they dined out on them during the referendum.

      Do you think it’s “mendacious bile” to report the news on the former SNP MP Natalie McGarry and her self proclaimed guilt. I think hypocrisy like that from former SNP politicians should be front page but what do I know.


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