BBC Scotland ignores the ‘worst treatment scandal in NHS history’ because the SNP did good?


On BBC Radio 2, at 7:00 am and repeated throughout the day:

‘The Scottish Government provides MORE financial support to victims than other parts of the UK.’

On BBC Radio Good Morning Scotland at 7am – child abuse, Ruth Davidson and whisky. Surely the worst treatment scandal in NHS history affecting many Scots too, is newsworthy. Reporting Scotland this morning is ignoring it too. I suppose they’ll say it would be duplicating the main news. Was their coverage of the return of Ruth Davidson not duplication too? No? Enlighten me.

What about the website? There’s more space there:


Nope. Dog of the year, first female Sikh DJ and something about Kezia Dugdale further down. Ridiculous! Kezia’s latest victory in getting a new (any) job should be the big one. Let’s see if STV know what’s big today:


That’s more like it and there’s no mention of that upsetting blood scandal below.

The Herald and the Scotsman, despite space for dozens of stories, have nothing on the ‘worst treatment scandal in NHS history’ or of any Scottish dimension to the story, that might interest their readers. The Record had plenty blood but not that kind.

Imagine if they had this to report:

‘The Scottish Government provides LESS financial support to victims than other parts of the UK.’





3 thoughts on “BBC Scotland ignores the ‘worst treatment scandal in NHS history’ because the SNP did good?

  1. gavin April 30, 2019 / 4:10 pm

    This may be the “worst scandal….in NHS history” but it has to fight with a whole bunch of other NHS scandals. Another enquiry into Gosport hospital where 450 patients have died after being over-prescribed with opioids. There was Stafford hospital: Furness General hospital: Shipman. Bristol—the sorry list goes on.
    But we read that its the excellent NHS in Scotland where Davidson will mount her attack.

    I have it in my head, that the Stafford Hospital scandal was at the much same time as the FM of Scotland was attacked, because a patient had to wait for a blanket, by the Labour opposition—this attack being repeated on the evening news.
    The English health Minister was NOT singled out for blame because of multiple, premature patient deaths in the health system he had charge off, by the opposition and media.
    But Alec Salmond WAS castigated by his political opponents and our colonial media, because of a blanket delay—a situation he knew nothing about and had obviously no direct responsibility for, and only the very remotest general responsibility.
    With the polls so bad for Col Ruthie, I fear this type of witch-hunt is about to start again.

    Bring out your dead (the deader the better), so Ruthie can count them, and the BBC can show us some live corpses on TV.

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    • johnrobertson834 April 30, 2019 / 7:43 pm

      Yes, remember Ruth riding a wave of local anger about a stabbed young girl in a village near Ayr.


  2. diabloandco May 1, 2019 / 7:43 am

    I am feeling defeated by a constant barrage of utterly ridiculous drivel to which we are exposed by a media unfit for any purpose but to lie , mislead and cheer lead for another country – or two!

    Have none of them an ounce of integrity? Do they all have off shore bank accounts and houses in sunnier climes? Do none of them have any self respect?
    Do they all look in the mirror and tell themselves that they are doing a great job ‘for queen and country’?

    I am tired of the bleating of so called ‘journalists’ about how ‘nasty cybernats are spoiling the Yes campaign and someone ( meaning anyone in the SNP) should do something about it , while they continue to print malign articles against Scotland in epidemic proportions.
    They have the platforms denied to the Yes movement or indeed to truth and honesty.

    I have voiced my feelings about the SNP being far too nice to these lying cretins who are not fit to be their boot lickers before I now want them to call them out and to hell with the consequences – what can the MSM do that it isn’t doing already? Please , please BITE BACK.


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