Scotland pushing ahead with hydrogen power


In Energy Voice today:

‘The Scottish Government has recently set out the opportunities for hydrogen in its Energy Networks Vision and is now mapping locations in Scotland where hydrogen projects are best suited.  With Germany already operating the world’s first hydrogen-fuelled train, it would be great if Scotland could be next in line! Hydrogen buses are operating in Aberdeen and will be soon be in Dundee. A passenger ferry powered by fuel cell technology is under construction at Ferguson Marine in Glasgow, and on the Orkney island of Eday, the SurfnTurf project brings together two power sources – tidal and wind – with equipment (ITM Power electrolysers) to convert and store energy as hydrogen and ultimately used to power ferries.’

In what Unionists might think is an SNP campaign extract, Simon Williams, Legal Director, Energy and Infrastructure, Gillespie MacAndrew LLP, writes:

The Scottish Parliament certainly sees potential for jobs, the economy, the environment and the well-being of all of us by acting now to meet climate targets. The Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill has just completed stage 1 and there is an acknowledgement that investment in and support for innovation, knowledge exchange, technology transfer and support to key sectors such as agriculture and transport will be vital to meeting the targets.

The Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) estimates current projects with significant hydrogen and fuel cell (H&FC) content in Scotland are worth more than £100m, with £70m of this based in Orkney. The latest project for these islands is the ReFLEX project which will use a new Virtual Energy System (VES) to link and monitor electricity, transport and heat systems powered by local renewable energy, to enable the charging of flexible storage and battery technologies.

Earlier pieces here on the gas:

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MAJOR NEWS: World’s first tidal-powered hydrogen generated in Scotland after £3 million funding from SNP Government



One thought on “Scotland pushing ahead with hydrogen power

  1. Alasdair Macdonald April 29, 2019 / 11:13 am

    Yesterday, in her closing speech, the First Minister made a strong declaration about climate change. This was picked up on Good Morning Scotland, where a climate change activist was interviewed and he gave a fulsome welcome to the FM’s statement. Then the interviewer came up with his ‘killer blow’ – ‘you people are talking about really drastic measures like removing all gas boilers and ending oil and gas extraction. Are these not essential for the economy?’

    With a growing hydrogen energy economy, with some adaptations to the equipment to make it appropriate for hydrogen, hen boilers can be continued to be used. The emissions would only be water. And, there would be no carbon monoxide hazard. You can expect of course the outcry,’But hydrogen is inflammable!’ Shock, horror. The gas that we currently use is inflammable as was town gas before it. We use it BECAUSE it is inflammable. Then we will get, ‘But hydrogen is EXPLOSVE’. (This provides a bit of dog whistling about the H-bomb.) Every inflammable gas is potentially explosive, if mixed with the appropriate proportion of air.

    With regard to oil and gas exploration the unionists and their Nomedia chums want it every way. We need British expertise and finance to get it out. If Scotland becomes independent oil and gas prices will plummet, so the economy will be in the grubber. Oil and gas produce carbon dioxide and contribute to climate change – this applies only to SCOTTISH owned oil and gas, whereas UK owned fossil fuels are the victims of ‘tree hugger scaremongering’, but anyway look at the pollution that China and India produce, so why bother about Scotland’s piffling amount? In fact authorise fracking!

    However, the BBC is getting all excited about THE RETURN OF THE COLONEL!!!

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