Too close to call. Support for independence at 49%


From YouGov today, based on more than 1 000 respondents, the first full poll for some time shows support for independence climbing toward a majority:

‘With the SNP spring conference taking place this weekend party members will no doubt be pleased to hear that a new YouGov/Times poll finds support for Scottish independence at its highest point since February 2015, with the two sides virtually neck and neck on 49% for Yes and 51% for No. YouGov’s last indy poll, conducted in June 2018, had Yes on 45% and No on 55%. The change seems to be largely driven by Remain voters, with attitudes having flipped from 53%/47% against independence in 2018 to 54%/46% in favour now. By contrast, Leave voters still oppose independence by 68% to 32% – only one point different to the previous poll.’



3 thoughts on “Too close to call. Support for independence at 49%

  1. gavin April 27, 2019 / 2:34 pm

    Full YouGov polling for Westminster and Holyrood, unadulterated GOOD NEWS for Scotland.
    SNP up, Labour and Tories down.
    Forecast 51 SNP MP’s.
    Holyrood majority SNP+Greens increased.

    Hard to see how GMS can spin this one away—but no doubt they will try, in their pathetically biased way.
    Its way past time for the SNP to put in an official complaint about the BEEB.

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      • gavin April 27, 2019 / 4:01 pm

        There will be an auld murder to report, or an “exclusive” Rangtic story or a cat up a tree…………and opinion from Labour, Tory or Dumb spokespersons about how it’s all the Nats fault—–“it wiz never like this in oor day” —-that’ll be the good ol’ days, nae murders—-‘Gers and Tic won in Europe every week, and the weans had steak ‘n chips fur their tea—every night!

        Conference? What conference?

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