SHOCK Scotland has far more staff including consultants and GPs per head of population


Thanks to a parliamentary question at Holyrood, last week, MSPs and state journalists were shocked to discover that NHS Scotland has 2 594 staff for every 100 000 people while NHS England has only 1 952 for the same population – over 25% more!

With regard to dentists, Scotland has 68 per 100 000 while England has only 44 – over 50% more!

And for, GPs, where Reporting Scotland is convinced that we have a staffing crisis, we have 92 per 100 000 while England has only 73 – nearly 25% more!

Finally, for hospital consultants, another group in a supposed staffing crisis, NHS Scotland has 101 per 100 000 whereas England has only 86 – 20% more.

In the last two key groups, GPs and consultants, Labour-controlled Wales has fewer even than England.

Full details below:




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